Ribeira do Alecrim

Ribeira do Alecrim

Ribeira do Alecrim is a stunning camping site located on the beautiful plateau of Paul da Serra. With its tranquil atmosphere, pine trees, and a peaceful stream running through the campsite, Ribeira do Alecrim is the perfect spot to immerse yourself in nature and relax.

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Boca das Voltas 3

Boca das Voltas

Boca das voltas

The camping area of Boca das Voltas is located on the North Coast of Madeira Island, more precisely in São Jorge at an altitude of roughly 750 meters. This camping area is placed in a remote place, right in the middle of Laurissilva. You will have to take a TT vehicle or walk for 40min. From there you will have some amazing panoramic views over the valley of Boa Ventura and it's green moutains.

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Ponta de São Lourenço 1

Ponta de São Lourenço

Ponta de São Lourenço

The camping are in Ponta de São Lourenço, is located in the eastern end of Madeira. If you arrived by plane to Madeira is very likely that you already have flown over this area. All this peninsula is part of a nature reserve since 1982 in order to preserve the fauna, flora and geological wealth. The South side of the peninsula is much less aggressive and with several bays, accessible by boat and on foot.

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Ilhas Desertas 3

Ilhas Desertas

Reserva Natural das Ilhas Desertas

The camping area of the Natural Desert Islands as expected, it's located in Desert Islands about 35 km from Funchal, southeast of Madeira island. The camping area is located next to the guards house in Deserta Grande, just a few meters from the sea. The Natural Reserve of the Desert Islands has a total area of 12586 hectares, bounded by the bathymetric of 100 meters and includes all islands and islets. In March 2014 it received the European Diploma of the Council of Europe for the protected areas.

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Porto Santo 19

Porto Santo – closed

Porto Santo - closed

The island of Porto Santo is a 9km beach of yellow sand, attached to a small island of 42.48 km² in which 5500 people live. The sandy beach is with no doubt the best attraction in the island, but it is misleading to think that the island comes down to the sand and the beach. The northern coast of the island lets you enjoy amazing mountain scenery and cliffs, contrasting with low relief and the south coast beaches.

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