What should I pack for a camping trip in Madeira

What should I pack for a camping trip in Madeira

Here in MadeiraCamping we are fans of simple and minimalist camping. The main purpose of the camping is to be in touch with nature and to make this happen, there is a lot that you won’t need. Let’s get back to basics with food, clothes, accessories and takes only things that are essential. With so many cool things to do outdoors, like hiking, levadas and geocaching, you’ll easily forget about the luxuries that were left in your home.


Packaged food manufactured for camping and backpacking can be expensive. Prepare your own favorites, portioned in zipper bags. Take enough for three meals a day plus energy snacks. If you will be camping in back country, include an extra day’s food. Dehydrated food is a convenient and lightweight option for camping, offering long shelf life and easy preparation in the wilderness. FORCLAZ dehydradet food.


Depending on the location of where you’re camping, you can have free drinkable water, otherwise you’ll have to transport it. Don’t forget that you can always boil water from some water dream and make it drinkable, just remenber that you’ll need some energy source to do that.

toiletsPersonal Care

Don’t forget to take toilet paper, a towel and a toothbrush. Remember that you can share shampoo and toothpaste with your friends. Sunscreen and lip balm should also be part of you personal care stuff.


A tent will certainly protect you from the elements and mosquitoes at night. If it’s a hot summer night, then you don’t even need the tent,you can sleep outside with the sleeping bag. No wild animals in Madeira to hurt you. Pay attention to the season and weather when choosing your tent and your sleeping bag. You may use a sponge mat to make you feel more comfortable and insulated from the cold. Sleeping next to the fire can be tempting, but it can also ruin your camp. If you don’t want to carry your own tent, consider renting one in Madeira for a hassle-free camping experience.

First-Aid-iconFirst aid

Pack a flashlight, extra batteries, a multi-purpose knife, a compass or GPS device, matches in a stay-dry container, moleskin for blisters and a basic first-aid kit. Take a space blanket for emergency warmth, or use it as a shiny signal flag in case of emergency. Carry a completely charged cellphone for an emergency. Buy first-aid kit.


You might need to fill a few empty moments, and a deck of cards, a pocket chess set or other pocket games are easy to pack. If you’re a music enthusiastic don’t forget your mp3 player. Taking a camera with you is a must.

Where to buy or rent camping equipment?