Bica da Cana 4

Bica da Cana

Bica da Cana

The camping area of Bica da Cana is located in the Paúl da Serra plateau at an altitude of roughly 1500 meters. It is a recreational area, known for offering pleasant conditions for holding picnics and outdoor activities. One of the most visited spots in this area is the viewpoint of Bica da Cana at about 1580 meters above sea level. This view point offers a panoramic views over mountains.

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The existing fireplaces here have the particularity of being inside a shelter, protected from rain and cold, which in cold times is a big advantage. Always keep in mind to kee the fireplace clean and tidy. Bica da Cana is also a start point to PR 17 – Caminho do Pináculo e Folhadal.

Points of Interest

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