Pico Ruivo 2

Pico Ruivo

Pico Ruivo

“Pico Ruivo” is the highest peak in Madeira and the 3rd. highest in Portugal with 1862 m altitude. Part of Biosphere Reserve, this camping area will offer you views and scenery breathtaking. Access to Pico Ruivo is made by the PR 1.2 “Vereda do Pico Ruivo”. Pay attention to the road connecting Pico das Pedras’s area Achada do Teixeira (beginning of PR 1.2) because it closes at 19h00.

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The area of Pico Ruivo is part of the European network of community-Network importance Natura 2000 sites. The camping area is located near the shelter located in the Pico Ruivo. All produced waste must be transported and deposited in the appropriate containers in Achada do Teixeira in the car park. Although there is drinking water, use it sparingly. In the shelter surroundings you can find some dead wood that you can use to make fire.

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