Chão dos Louros 2

Chão dos Louros

Chão dos Louros

The camping area of the “Chão dos Louros” is located in the “Chão dos Louros” Forest Park. This park is located next to the regional road ER 228 that connects the Encumeada to the Rosário in São Vicente. Its name derives from the abundance of laurels – Laurus nobilis in this area.

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There are a few fireplaces where you can cook and prepare the famous “espetada” with Laurel sticks as tradition dictates in Madeira. In addition to the fireplaces distributed through the park, you can find a central fireplace with a shelter, ideal for a meeting or socializing around the fire on cold days. There is running water from tap in multiple points of the park. Keep a responsible use and do not waste water. At the entrance there is a recycling center where you can separate the waste. You can also count on toiles at the eastern end in the Park.

You can also hike the recommend paths of the PR-21 and PR-22, a circular route of 1.9 km walks through the surrounding area of the forest park.

hikingCaminho do Norte PR-21
Vereda do Chikinghão dos Louros PR-22
bus stop 139 – Funchal – Santa (via São Vicente)

Points of interest

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