Estanquinhos 15



Estanquinhos camping area is located in the Paúl da Serra plateau at an altitude of around 1500 meters. It is a recreational area known for offering pleasant conditions for holding picnics and outdoor activities. One of the most visited spots in this area is the viewpoint of Pico Ruivo do Paúl, with 1640 meters. From three you can admire the length of the entire plateau. On days with good visibility, it is possible to observe the sea from the south and north coast.

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There are numerous fireplaces along the park along with some tables and benches, ideal for a picnic. Some of the fireplaces are served by piped water that you can use for consumption. Enjoy and take a walk to the top to Pico Ruivo do Paul, is about 900 m walk that certainly will be worth.

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