The magic of a green volcanic island lost in the blue atlantic ocean. Cropped by imposing mountains that will lead you above the clouds. Smell the scents of the Laurissilva forest, listen to the water on levadas, let the views dazzle your eyes.
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MadeiraCamping is meant to be a guide for your camping/trekking adventure on Madeira Island. If you found us while planning your vacations, you're probably an outdoor enthusiast. If that is the case, we would like to offer you some tips about where to camp, where to buy camping gear, how to get there, available facilities, etc. Madeira Island have some beautiful and amazing hotels, but none of them will offer your the views, the smells, and the experience of sleeping on the mountains.

Fanal is the name of one of the most well preserved original forest of Madeira Island. Located on the north of Madeira, Fanal has some of the oldest specimens of TIS - Ocotea foetens, some of these trees exist since the discovery of the island. When hiking on Fanal you will feel embraced by it's silence and it's ancient trees.
Be part of the magic forest.

Levada walking might be the reason most of the outdoor lovers decide to travel to Madeira. Levadas are water channels, originally built to transport water from the north of the island, where it exists in abundancy, to the south where the agriculture is concentrated. As you might know, Madeira Island has a rugged orography, with mountains and deep valleys. This natural conditions forced the levada builders to go around the mountains and when that was not feasible, they built tunnels. Don't miss the chance to walk on levadas and get introduced to the untouched part of Madeira.

Rising about 1862 meters above the sea, Pico Ruivo is the highest mountain in Madeira Island. From the top you can have amazing 360º views from the North to the South of the Island. This is also a magic spot for watching the sunset and sunrise. Don't miss the chance of camping above the clouds.
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