Montado do Pereiro 23

Montado do Pereiro

Montado do Pereiro

Montado do Pereiro is a forest park situated in the parish of Camacha in the city of Santa Cruz. The total area of the park is approximately 1 km2 essentially dominated by exotic and indigenous tree, being crossed by small water streams. The park offers of some sports facilities (soccer fields, mountain bike tracks and mini golf) among others.

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Unlike other camping areas in Madeira, Montado do Pereiro has support facilities such as changing rooms and bathrooms for campers. Throughout the park there are some fireplaces where you can make a fire and cook food.

Apart from the campsite, there in the forest park a few houses where you can stay overnight with consent of the Regional Directorate of Human Resources.

The park hours are from 09h00 until 17h00. After this time the automobile access to the park is prevented.

Points of Interest

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