MadeiraCamping has a blog

It’s been a long time since MadeiraCamping has become a real thing. It all started back in 2014. At that time I was quite active on couch Surfing, and while some couch surfers offered their couch, I was offering a camping experience on the mountains. Pretty cool, hun?. Soon I realise there was not much information about camping on Madeira. I start receiving a lot of questions from other couch surfers, about camping, that I decided to start collecting information to make it easy for them and for me. Later I realised that this information could help, not only couch surfers, but everyone that wanted to know Madeira with a backpack. And this is how MadeiraCamping was born.

I love this small piece of land in the Atlantic ocean, everybody should love it too.

And like everything in life, when shared, instead of dividing we multiply. That’s what happened when Nancy (my girlfriend) joined me @MadeiraCamping. We want to share our camping adventures, our favorite locations, routes and hike paths. We want to inspire you to go out and explore the mountains with your friends or with your family and help you to have some unforgettable experiences.

Join us on the following adventures.