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Rabaçal is a name that every outdoor enthusiast planning a trip to Madeira should know. It's the starting point for some of the most popular Levada walks on the island, including the stunning 25 Fontes . And what better way to experience the natural beauty of Rabaçal than by camping amidst its lush forests and breathtaking landscapes? The camping site in Rabaçal offers an open space complete with amenities like fireplaces, water, and picnic tables, ensuring your comfort while camping in the great outdoors.

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PR.1 Vereda do Areeiro – Best hike in Madeira

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Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash

If you're a mountain lover visiting Madeira, hiking the Vereda do Areeiro (PR.1) is an absolute must-do. This challenging trail connects three of the island's highest peaks: Pico Ruivo (1862m), Pico das Torres (1851m), and Pico do Areeiro (1817m). While the hike is incredibly rewarding, it can also be quite strenuous, especially on hotter days. Be sure to bring enough water for the entire hike, as there are no opportunities to refill along the way due to the trail's high altitude. Additionally, proper footwear is crucial for this intensive hike – leave the sandals behind and opt for shoes with good grip and support.

DISTANCE: 7.0 km E | 6.1km O

TIME: 3.5h E | 3h W

HEIGHT : 1491m 1857m

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