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  • Tourism at School

    Tourism at School

    The “Discover Madeira - Tourism at School” project has been developed by the Regional Secretariat for the Economy, Tourism and Culture, aimed at primary schools of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
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  • Discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo islands - 600th anniversary

    Discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo islands - 600th anniversary

    20 março

    The Oficial Program of the Celebrations of the 600 Years of the Discovery of MAdeira and Porto Santo is presented to the public today in Porto Santo.

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  • Flower Festival

    Flower Festival

    April,19th to May13th

    Floral species originating in many parts of the world bloom in Madeira, as the island meets specific climatic conditions that allow species from both tropical and cold regions to flourish. 

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  • MIUT - Madeira Island Ultra Trail

    MIUT - Madeira Island Ultra Trail

    April 25th to 29th

    The Clube de Montanha do Funchal annually promotes the MIUT (Madeira Island Ultra Trail) a mountain race that offer its participants with a unique experience crossing the island highest peaks/mountains.

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  • Chapels under the Moonlight

    Chapels under the Moonlight

    April 26th, May 3rd, 11th and 17th

    The Regional Directorate for Culture is the responsible entity for an unprecedented project, based on the idea of accessibility to our heritage, making it available to the general public.

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  • Music at the Museums

    Music at the Museums

    April 27th

    During 2018, it will take place a new cultural initiative, where several music groups will present their work at museums located in Funchal.

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  • "Music in the Chapels" Concert Series

    April 28th

    After a short break, "Music in the Chapels" will bring entertainment to the chapel of São Sebastião located in the municipality of Ponta do Sol.

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  • Lemon Festival

    Lemon Festival

    April,28th to 29th

    From April, 28th to 29th the parish of Ilha, in the district of Santana, serves as a venue for the Lemon Festival. 

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  • Madeira Auto Parade

    Madeira Auto Parade


    The Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture and Madeira Tourism Board promotes the " Madeira Auto Parade" an event that integrated in the the Flower Festival festivities, held on April,29th.

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